Suppository Penetration Test Assembly

The SPT-6 Suppository Penetration Test assembly is used to determine the softening time of six samples at the same time. It is connected to a Pharma Test PTZ AUTO or PTZ-S tablet disintegration test instrument. The SPT-6 assembly can also be immersed into a suitable water bath. The SPT-6 is made in strict compliance with EP <2.9.22> Apparatus . The assembly is placed into its own single position Plexiglas water bath. This way it is possible to use the SPT-6 in either a PTZ AUTO 1-4, PTZ AUTO 1EZ-4EZ or a PTZ-S tablet disintegration test instrument.

Automated Operation

When using the SPT-6 together with any PTZ AUTO EZ tablet disintegration testing instrument the softening time can be detected and reported fully automatically. The SPT-6 test assembly with its six testing positions and its water bath is placed into any testing position of the PTZ AUTO EZ instrument and is connected to the automated time detection electronics by cable. Select the corresponding test procedure from the menu of the PTZ AUTO EZ to operate the SPT-6. Fill 10ml of water into each of the glass tubes. Heat the water bath to 36.5 ± 0.5°C and place one suppository into each tube once the target temperature has been reached. Now put the test rod onto the sample. The time is now controlled. As soon as the test rod touches the glass tube bottom the softening time is recorded. Once all six samples are melted the individual softening time is displayed as well as the statistics. Use a printer connected to the PTZ AUTO EZ to get a printed report.

Manual Operation

The manual operation of the SPT-6 is similar to the procedure described above with the following exceptions: When used with any PTZ AUTO tablet disintegration test instrument, the operator simply presses the number key corresponding to the position of the sample which has melted (where the test rod has touched the glass tube bottom) to log the softening time. As soon as the times for all six samples are recorded, the individual times will be displayed and the statistics are calculated. Connect a printer to the PTZ AUTO to get a printed report.

If the SPT-6 is used with a PTZ-S tablet disintegration test instrument, the operator has to visually determine the softening time and record it manually (for example by using a certified stop watch) and then calculate any statistic he might require.

Installing and Removing SPT-6

The supply scope of the SPT-6 Suppository Penetration Test assembly includes a round Plexiglas water bath with tubing connectors to attach the bath to the heating system of the Pharma Test tablet disintegration tester. SPT-6 can be installed and removed quickly, so that the tablet disintegration tester can again be used for the testing of tablets within just a few moments.