PTZ 100 and PTZ 300

Tablet Disintegration Testing

PTZ 100 and PTZ 300 Single and Triple Station Tablet Disintegration Test Instrument PTZ 100 is a single station tablet disintegration test instrument. PTZ 300 is the triple station version. Both instruments are manufactured in compliance to the USP <701/2040>, EP <2.9.1/> and JP Pharmacopoeias. The instruments feature a method and user management system as well as an integrated report printer.


Split Beam UV/VIS Spectrophotometer

The T70 split-beam UV/VIS spectrophotometer offer excellent performance, high quality and are competitively priced. The T70 is well able to meet the stringent requirements required by analytical chemists. It features a wavelength range of 190 to 1100nm and is delivered with a built-in 8-cell changer as standard. It can therefore be used for both manual operation as well as for fully automated dissolution testing applications.


  • Fully USP <701/2040>, EP <2.9.1/Test A andB> and JP compliant
  • Available as 1 and 3 station instrument (PTZ 100 and PTZ 300)
  • Determine disintegration time of tablets, capsules and other dosage forms
  • User management system
  • Method management system
  • Temperature probe to monitor medium temperatures
  • Integrated calibration programs
  • Connect USB flash drive to copy methods and store test reports
  • Integrated protocol printer
  • Self-sealing quick connect water bath connectors


  • Graphical LCD screen showing actual and target settings
  • Integrated protocol printer reduces bench space requirements
  • Result report includes disintegration time, actual temperature and number of persisting samples
  • Password protected access through user management system
  • Programmable qualification interval timer reminds the user to perform instrument calibration
  • Dedicated calibration programs and reports
  • Copy methods between instruments by using a common USB flash drive
  • Export test reports as text files
  • Transmit test result to external systems such as LIMS
  • IQ/OQ documents included free of charge